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  • eunice

    Born in London in the early 1950’s I grew up in a time of massive change. So many things that we take for granted just didn’t exist back then.

    Very few families owned cars, televisions, washing machines and fridges. Many homes had no inside toilet. No one had central heating or double glazing. Radios were enormous and music came on vinyl discs. And the only computers were the size of large rooms and belonged either to the military or very large corporations.

    But they were exciting times to live in. I remember the Beatles having their first hit record, and getting my first transistor radio on which I listened to ‘pirate’ radio stations. I remember journeys on steam trains, cars with running boards and indicators which only came out if you banged on the door posts. But I digress!!

    I feel very privileged to have lived through so many amazing times and seen so many changes to the way we live. I love keeping up with all the latest technological developments, but am also drawn to explore and experience old country crafts and skills. I am fascinated to find ways of integrating the old with the new.

    Creativity has been the biggest influence throughout my life. I have always been attracted to trying new things and learning new skills. In 2006 I completed a Digital Media Degree through which I found wonderful new ways to express my creativity. In 2015 I completed a masters degree in Art Psychotherapy – an amazing experience which has changed me in so many ways. I’m still learning and have my sights set on several future possibilities! I’m also a compulsive collector of all the things that most people throw away and take great delight in finding ways to reuse and recycle things.

    I clearly remember an early ambition of mine, to become an eccentric old lady. I’m now well on the way to fulfilling that ambition, except that I never seem to feel any older. If anything I feel younger as each year passes. Ok, my senses aren’t quite as sharp as they used to be, and my body doesn’t always function just as I would like it to, but my life is fuller and richer now than it has ever been.

    I plan to use this site to share with you a mixture of all the things that make up my experience of life. I’d love to hear from you if you are touched by any of my words or images.