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  • [Rather than try to cram everything onto one page, I’ve decided to break my life up into manageable segments on separate pages. That way I can write a little bit at a time and you can pick out the bits you’re interested in!
    Papier mache, sewing, drawing, calligraphy, photography, collage, and papercraft are just a few of the many different creative paths I have followed.]

    Born in London in the early 1950’s I grew up in a time of massive change.

    So many things that we take for granted just didn’t exist back then. Very few families owned cars, televisions, washing machines and fridges. Many homes had no inside toilet. No one had central heating or double glazing. Radios were enormous and music came on vinyl discs. And the only computers were the size of large rooms and belonged either to the military or very large corporations.

    But they were exciting times to live in. I remember the Beatles having their first hit record, and getting my first transistor radio on which I listened to ‘pirate’ radio stations. I remember journeys on steam trains, cars with running boards and indicators which only came out if you banged on the door posts. But I digress!!

    Two people were responsible for nurturing creativity in me during my early years, my mum and Mr Anderson, my Junior school teacher. My mum taught me to sew, embroider and knit. Mr Anderson taught me papier mache and instilled a permanent awareness of the beauty in the natural world with his inspired nature walks and bird watching trips!

    Senior school was not a happy time for me … I hated the academic pressures and couldn’t wait to leave. I spent most of my lesson time drawing psychedelic doodles on my exercise books! … but I was blessed with an Art teacher who taught me the rudiments of Calligraphy.