Bridge Over the Railway

Mastering this bridge over the railway…

Bridge Over the Railway

…made me feel quite proud of myself. I suffer from vertigo, and struggle with anything high that is not enclosed!


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Birthdays and Bugs

My birthday coupled with a tummy bug has left me behind with my posting. So here goes to catch up!

27/365 Binding rings…

Binding Rings - 27/365

… keeping it all together.

28/365 Leftover from Christmas…

Leftover - 28/365

… there’s always something!

29/365 New brushes…

New Brushes - 29/365

… well almost!

30/365 Game cards…

Game Cards - 30/365

… for the game of life.

31/365 Standing on the bridge…

Troubled Water - 31/365

… over troubled water!

32/365 Setting sun…

Sunset - 32/365

… over the rooftops. Beautiful!

Hopefully I’ll be back to daily posting now. See you tomorrow.


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